Allergy Fun!

Alright, so I’m like… way allergy pill tired because benadryl is the best, but makes me sleeeepy. They mowed the lawn today, which is my worst nightmare, on top of having a bee sting and the cat somehow sneak into my room in the middle of the night and sleep by me. I woke up in this haze of… what time is it? 10? It was just weird. I never get up that late. I could feel that my eye was all swollen and made it look like a slug had somehow gotten into my eyelid and I knew what I would see even before I glanced in the mirror in horror. Yes horror. No matter how many times I’ve gotten something in my eye that’s made it swell up, there’s just something about seeing my eye all gross and puffy that makes me nervous. But I’ll live…. but that bee freakin’ won’t!

Today my mission (albeit very lazily) was to find that hive or nest or whatever and keel, keel, keel! I was read to once from a bee keeler’s website that the best time to attack is at night when they’re all cozy in their sticky little home. If you spray during the day you risk some of the workers being out and about and rebuilding when you’re not looking. So ok, enough about the bees, already.

Ms. Princess has asked where I’ll be vacationing. Well, it’s a state that starts with an M. If you can guess it, I’ll tell you if you’re right. Not that I care who knows, cause I don’t, but what would make you people read my site? Certainly not my bee talk.

Oh! Yesterday I mastered grilling on my parent’s gas grill. It’s a lot harder than you might think! I thought, “how hard could it be?” until I put some sausages and hot dogs on the BBQ and they were like little charcoals when I was done. The secret is….find the hot spots, and don’t freakin’ use them! Anyway, off to BBQ some hotdogs.

I wonder if grouchiness is a side effect of being stung by a bee?


Yes, today I’m even more swollen…. freakin’ bee.

Life will go on and such, I just have to keep saying, “Mommy, please don’t hit me again!” when I’m in public or something. Bees need to die. *nodnod*

Mudder-Feekin’ Bee!

Today while sitting outside with my mom, brother, joanis, and bob a bee flew at my mom. She swished it away and it came directly at my face, stinging the corner of my eye. Mudder-feekie was like a kamikaze going for my face! And while I’m trying desperately to make the pain stop, my mother thinks I’m making it up because she didn’t see the bee sting me. Well, the swelling around my eye didn’t come from no where!

Freakin’ little bastage lived, too. *sigh* And! This morning I fell on the stairs and could have a doozy of a bruise after THAT swelling goes down. I’m afraid if I go out in public people will think I’m being beat at home, for heaven sake. Just not my day!