Bumps & Bruises

Kinda blurry, but this is bruise #1 by Wesley. Posted by Hello

That bruise is on my leg where he decided to use it as a trampoline!

Ha! Well, yesteday was Tara & Ryan’s big “wedding day” even though they’ve already been married for nearly or over a year, I donno which. They had it in Canada, in Kelowna, B.C., and Colin has told me that her wedding dress was alot like Meghan’s bridesmaid dresses, accept it was off white.

He said “Tara’s dress made her look like she had a massive spare tire.” You see? There is a God! Though it would have been way better if she’d bent over some time during the ceremony and a seam ripped, but… a bulging gut is good enough for me! I’m not bitter… no… not at all! 😉

Today is one of those cloudy nap days… so that’s just what I’m gonna do. Maybe I’ll write more later.