Bunny Strikes Back

Well, this weekend past was suppose to be a fun weekend with my family and although I was really dragging my feet about going over to my brother’s house, I tend to try and make the best out of a boring situation. Sunday was suppose to be a belated mother’s day for my mom, but they had a bunch of crap planned that had nothing to do with anything my mom likes. A day at the beach to play games? Seriously? Hi, have you even met our mom? She hates bugs, she hates Lake Erie water, and unless it’s a visit that’s quick she’s really not all that in to it.

As most of the people that read this blog know, I’ve had an on-going battle (though mostly behind her back) with my “sister” -in-law, B-renda. This is, of course, how she got her nickname B-(for biatch)renda because that’s all she’s ever really been to me. I’ll admit when I first met her there was something off about her that made me suspicious because no one is that syrupy nice, but her true colors showed in no time at all and I’ve disliked her since. So when they asked my mom if she’d rather eat or go to the beach, what do you think she’s going to pick? Der. Eating. Did I mention we didn’t eat the whole day beforehand because we were expecting a feast upon arrival? Too bad for them.

After we ate my nephews Chris and Brandon, Wes, and I decided to play bocce ball, which led to playing this velco catch game, which led to a nerf gun fight. Well there was a pink iris that was apparently a treasured plant or some such and when I passed through the bushes I was scolded for going through, even though no one said anything prior to that and in times before we’d gone in and out that way constantly. So fine, I apologized and said I didn’t know and even though I was a touch miffed that I was scolded like a 12yr old, I let it go because I wasn’t going to let it spoil the fun with my nephews. So, I made the mistake of leaping through the bushes, not because I was being malicious, but I was in to the game and wasn’t really thinking about it. As I said earlier, I was used to going through that way. So I was standing out front waiting for Brandon to reappear when Chris came and said, “You’re in so much trouble!” I said, “OoOOOo… oh no!” and he laughed and so did we, but truthfully that did spark a bit of anger. Not at Chris, but at B-renda. I shrugged it off because it wasn’t worth the day being ruined. She just isn’t worth it. Wes and I stayed put as we were still waiting on Brandon’s reappearance.

But he never appeared. Instead it was Chris again to tell Wes and I that we had to go to the backyard, where “her” highness was sitting because she wanted to “yell at us”. I went “OoOoOOoo” again and Chris said, “You don’t understand, we get grounded for doing what you did.” I said, “What’s she gonna do? Ground me? I’m not scared.” And truthfully I didn’t even imagine, couldn’t have fathomed, she was going to be the way she was. Chris laughed and said, “Yeah, what’s she gonna do?” so we made our way back but Brandon was still in hiding and apparently B-renda didn’t want to make her royal decree until we were all there. All the kids. So she sent Chris off to do her bidding again, and when he returned with Brandon he and I made eye contact, and not knowing the hell that was going to be rained upon me, we started playing again. After all, I had to get him back for throwing the gun at my legs, right?

I could hear her calling me, and I was headed in that direction when I noticed a bunch of plastic pieces and stopped to pick them up. This is when I heard, “JENNIFER, GET OVER HERE!” You know, the way a mom might call after a child? Wes, the poor guy, was sitting near them and said he thought, “Seriously? That’s how you’re going to call her?” Apparently my mom knew that there was going to be trouble too. So she starts off with, “Don’t go in the bushes. I told you not to go in the bushes.” Now, I’m already pretty freakin’ mad. Who the hell does she think she is? I have a mother, and it’s not her, and she wouldn’t dare talk to me like that. And I won’t even go in to the plants of mine she’s killed and replaced as a gift to my mom.

In any case, we started to argue, and I got off my chest that I was sick and tired of her treating me like crap. That she’s always treated me like crap, even though I’ve never done a thing to her, and I didn’t deserve it. If she wanted to speak to the kids that way, that was between her and my brother, but she wasn’t going to talk to me like that. My brother was getting angry at this point, and said “Hey!” and I said, “I’m sorry, but it’s just not something I’m going to put up with anymore. If you want to that’s your thing, but it’s not mine.” She said that I was acting childish and I can’t really remember why she stood up. Something to do with showing me the flowers? I can’t really remember, but I said I wasn’t really interested in what she had to show me and I was tired of listening to her. My brother said “Hey!” again and I glanced at him and back at B-renda before I said, “You’ve always treated me poorly and I’m sick of it.” She said, “Well, I’m sorry you feel that way.” I said, “Yeah, well I’m not the only one that feels that way.” and started to walk away. She said, “Jenny don’t you want to–” and I just waved her off with my hand and said, “I’m done listening to you.” My brother said, “HEY!” a lot louder this time and I said, “Well, I’m sorry but I’m not going to put up with it.” to which he said, “It’s my house.” and I said, “Well then I’ll leave it.” he said, “Bye!” and I went off with a, “I’m taking the car so if you guys that came with me want a ride home you’ll have to come now.”

That might have been a nice exit, but my mom was holding the keys so I had to go back. That’s alright though, Brenda piped up again and said, “You don’t want to hear my side?” and I said, “Nope. Not interested in what you have to say at all.” and left with Wes.

I really thought I’d feel horrible about it by now, but all I feel is angry still.

Mom was really upset this morning when she was suppose to go back and I’d stayed up to prepare the stuff for the party that I wasn’t going to. She said she felt like a traitor going over there when I do so much for her and care more for her than they do. I told her not to worry about it, that Chris shouldn’t be punished for what Brenda did, and even though Van could have been quiet and let it play out, I couldn’t really fault him for having his “wife’s” very very large back. When she left I was pretty sure she was going to ream someone a new one because she had her battle face on. Apparently the day went smoothly.

Oh well, such is life. I guess the only way for B-renda to have girl parts is to act like a C U Next Tuesday.

“Hello Hony”

So I don’t make it a secret that I belong to OKCupid. No it’s not to meet a guy, I joined to take the fun little quizzes they have. That used to be the fun part. Now I get little OKC mails from random strangers and this one was too damn good not to post.

He wrote:

hony im 40 singl man from pakistan im searching for life partner i lik honest fath full woman im a hard worker if ur online my yahoo id is walid_khan40 im a very sexy man i lik girli lik long realationship if you lik me hony i want married you if u lik meim waiting for you plz send me message if ur seprated or wido plz send me ur adress im cooming soon in ur home countery

Can we say green card?

Up and Coming…

Every Monday I sit in while Wesley, Bob, and Sam do a podcast called Volcanicast in Wesley’s studio. Along with Bob’s wife, I’m just a disenvoiced body there who might occasionally be mentioned, or I might laugh a little louder than intended (because the 3 of them together are seriously hilarious). 

Anyway, Wesley has come up with an awesome new podcast and wants me to be apart of it. We haven’t solidified the title yet, but watching the others do Volcanicast, and all the fun they have doing it, has got me curious enough to agree to do it. 

I’m really looking forward to it, and hey.. maybe it’ll give me something more to blog about.


I think that NaNoWriMo has done more damage than I thought it would.  I can’t write a single thing that I like! It’s either SERIOUS writers block or I’m just at a lack of anything interesting to write about.

Hopefully it’ll pass and I’ll be back to writing more posts.

I’ve winterized my little bunny, though I’m thinking it might need a scarf… and a name. How about Fernando?

Hey, has anyone come up with any new years resolutions for next year yet? It’s time to start thinking about those!


Well, it’s officially kicked my arse.  I don’t think I planned enough for National Novel Writing Month this year and so I’ve officially given up. Hell, I don’t even have anything I can think up to say that’s the least bit interesting to post in this blog about! 

Write more later.


I think I’ve finally finished editing the template, at least for now, and so this is how it’ll stay until at least the beginning of December. So I hope if you’re reading this that you enjoy the new template!

Coming up…

In November I’ll be joining the rest of the crazies that attempt NaNoWriMo every year. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a yearly event “National Novel Writing Month” and there’s a word count a writer should try hitting every day to complete on time. So far the people I’ve mentioned it to have been either already doing it, or have no clue or interest in trying it out.

If anyone would like to add me as a writing buddy my nickname, of course, is Bunny. I was pretty shocked it wasn’t already taken but mayhaps the writers try for something more serious or some such, and you all know just how serious I generally am.

I’m trying out the snowflake method of writing. To sum it up, you start out with a sentence to sum up your novel that’s fifteen words, then expand that to a paragraph, etc, etc. So the snowflake gets a new points to it. So far I’m only to the mudder-feekin’ paragraph, the next step is a rather long and hard one, and since we’ll be starting Saturday I really have to get to working on it.

Right now…

I’m currently in Texas still with Wesley, staying longer than planned because his car needed a new engine (ouch!). Thankfully we should be on the road wednesday in the early morning, but that doesn’t leave me much time for writing since I’m fairly sure the drive + typing will get me sick.

His parents are the nicest people I’ve ever met, it’s clear where Wesley got his sweet nature from, and they’ve been the MOST hospitable hosts. We’ve played cards for a few nights in a row, and dominos for one, and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. It’s been a long while since I had a really nice, relaxing vacation but I really am looking forward to getting home though. 

Unfortunately I’ll be missing my mom’s (and Mr. Kitty’s) departure for Florida. They leave on tuesday morning but such is life.  I have a feeling if I’d been home my mom would have tried to guilt me in to going with her so this could be a good thing anyway.



Design header picture done.

Managing to find nice colors for the template.

Uploading gravatar for comment avatars.

Do the sidebar widgets.

Try to get all the odd green bars changed to teal-yish.

Change the “category” and “comment” bubble icons.

Change the sidebar place holders.

Finish preparing for NaNoWriMo. 🙁

Bat Bridge

Tomorrow Wesley and I will be going to the Congress Avenue Bridge to see the 1.5 million bats that emerge every day at dusk.

I did a little more to the template, it’s obviously not completely finished yet but we’re getting there.

I wish I’d done more for preparing for NaNo but I guess that’s what Wednesday, Thursday, and perhaps some of Friday will be for.


Road Trip

I leave for Texas tomorrow morning and won’t be back until next Saturday.  I’ll have my cell on me, though, and will happily take any calls for anyone that might feel so inclined to call.